Jacqueline O'Doherty BCPA

Founder, Health Care Connect

Don't Navigate Your Healthcare Alone!

Jacqueline O'Doherty of Health Care Connect is a Certified Patient Advocate, who came into Patient Advocacy after spending 18 years in the medical device industry, calling on various hospital departments ranging from the O.R. where she taught surgeons how to use products during laparoscopic surgery, to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Interventional Radiology, Nephrology, NICU, ICU, Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery and Infectious Disease, in addition to the Pulmonary, Urology and OB/GYN Departments. She has worked with major medical institutions and centers of excellence throughout the tri state area.

This wealth of experience provided her with the ability to understand firsthand the difficulties patients encounter when traveling the healthcare system and the skills needed to resolve those issues. Jacqueline knows how to penetrate the healthcare maze. With many senior clients, Jackie also specializes in Geriatric Care Management.  She has been in practice for over 12 years. Jacqueline graduated from the Alfus Patient Advocacy Program at the University of Miami in 2008, She is also among the first to be credentialed as a Board-Certified Patient Advocate.

Jacqueline is a frequent public speaker, a former member of the Board of Directors for the International Coalition of Professional Patient Advocates, a member of the Certification Exam Committee for BCPA, and a member of the Caring Coalition of Northern New Jersey. Jacqueline has been featured in the Star Ledger, NJ.com, Prevention Magazine, Kaiser Health News and many other publications.