Patient Advocates

Peace of mind knowing you or your loved one gets the care they deserve.

When you or a loved one falls ill, getting them the best healthcare is the most important thing.  Coordinating between doctors, specialists, insurance, and hospitals, all while trying to understand your options and making the best decisions can be a daunting task.

Health Care Connect makes this incredibly difficult time easier. Our Patient Advocates orchestrate the coordination of care between all parties. We guide you through every step, making sure your questions are answered, your concerns are addressed, and all your healthcare needs are met.


When the time comes to research your health and financial options because of a new diagnosis, Health Care Connect is here to help.

We coordinate everything so you and your family don't have to and can focus on bigger priorities...

Priorities like understanding your diagnosis and learning how to deal with it's issues.

Priorities like family events.

Priorities like feeling good and becoming as healthy as possible.

Health Care Connect's Certified Patient Advocates help you and your loved ones in many ways:

Research & Planning

Coordination & Integration of Care


Is a Patient Advocate a medical professional?

No, although we are certified Patient Advocates, we are not licensed medical professionals and give no medical advice. Our job is to help you understand your illness, find the appropriate care, and to coordinate that care so that you receive the BEST CARE POSSIBLE.

Are you affliated with a hospital or insurance company?

No, we do not have any affiliation with any hospitals or insurance companies. We work exclusively for you. Our opinions are unbiased and we  focus on what is the best solution for YOU!

Do you make decisions for me or my family member?

No we coordinate your care and help guide you through the whole process, but only you can decide what is best for your health. We help you to make the best informed decision.

Where do you offer your Patient Advocacy Services?

We are based in New Jersey and offer our services within the Tri-State: NJ, NY, CT area, as well as eastern Pennsylvania.

What if I'm not local to you?

We offer our services remotely, through the use of video and conference calling. Through this technology, we can still have a face to face conversation with you and your doctors. We have also helped many families that are not local to their loved ones get the care they deserve by being their feet on the ground.

Jackie O'Doherty helped out during a very stressful period for me and my daughter. When my daughter was diagnosed with thyroid tumors after a routine physical, we turned to Jackie for help in finding a pediatric endocrinologist -- not an easy proposition.

Elizabeth | Chester, NJ

I consider myself lucky the day I was referred to Jacqueline. She was not only professional and detail oriented and I knew I could count on her to get anything done, but she did it with a caring and warmth towards me and my mother that was greatly appreciated. I would recommend her highly to anyone in need of this type of service.

Linda | Clarksburg, NJ

When Carol's pain was intolerable and we were absolutely exhausted, it seemed like all we hit were dead ends until we met Jackie. she was an angel disguised as our health care advocate in our desperate last months of need. Oh! How i wish we found her so much earlier. Jackie managed all aspects of Carol's care getting us nurses and health aids over the holidays when hospice claimed they had no one. She made things happen, when we had no place else to go, so all we needed to do was be there for Carol, in her last hours. Jackie was truly a blessing.

Cecile |  NJ

Dear Jackie, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable assistance in expediting hospice care for my wife, Carol. Although we were eventually very satisfied with the home health aids, nurses, equipment and supplies provided, it was only after your intervention on our behalf that timely and complete services became the norm. Your prompt and decisive actions on our behalf really made a difference. On behalf my daughter, Lara and our entire family, I offer you our gratitude and best wishes.

Jay |  Monroe Township, NJ
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